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  • Sample Template Seed Investment Proposal
    Investment Title: Invest in a mobile social networking application Investment Summary: We wish to start up a business venture that allows members to take Instant pictures, convert them to unique m-postcards and share these with their friends and family using our smart phone proprietary application. Investment Description: In this section please cover the following points to attract potential investors to your profile, please elaborate on each point in detail where applicable and add any additional points you feel relevant. Our business analyst team will moderate your proposal and help to make it look more attractive to potential investors. 1. Current problem(s), trends or user experience you are trying to address 2. Market size, opportunity and growth potential 3. The proposition and key USPs (Unique Selling Points) - what differentiates your idea? 4. Business Model (how it makes money) 5. Barrier to entry (patents or potential exclusive customers or suppliers you aim to have) 6. Competitive landscape (who are your competitors, their current market share, services they offer VS your offerings) 7. Any milestones you may have achieved. a. Revenue if any? (monthly revenue b. Current costs (fully loaded) per month? c. State of product or service development (not started, alpha, beta, etc) d. User metrics: # of customers, repeat buyers etc and trends your witnessing e. Patents 8. Key Management Team (Industry, work experience and years) 9. Funding requirements and how capital will be allocated 10. Revenue, cost and profit projections 11. Exit strategy (IPO or trade sale)
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