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  • Recruit the best people to enhance your business
    Successful business owners will be the first to admit that it is essential to hire people who match your passion and perhaps even exceed your skills. This does not mean hiring people to do your work for you, it means finding the right people to enhance specific areas of your business. Hiring passionate individuals who shine in certain areas that you may not, is a great way to move your business forward. Today’s modern company will want to take steps to employ people who excel at social media, for example. That is because the way business is done has changed considerably with the advent of the internet. A company without a social media presence in today’s market may not survive for long. Seeking smart, talented people to help your business with market entry can be the best way of ensuring success. This level of talented person can make even bad products look good. On the other hand, remember that hiring under achievers can make a good business fail, so find people who are at least as passionate as you are. Hiring talented workers who live the business like you do is a sure way to guarantee value and interest. As a new start-up business, owners will not think twice about working the extra hours or forfeiting weekends and other holidays; it simply is something that needs to be done. As difficult as it may be, it is important for you, as a new business, to find employees that will also be willing to put in the extra hours and additional effort simply because it is required for the success of the company. Tips on finding the right people You may want to avoid hiring people who have gained their work experience from large corporations. First of all, employees who come from large companies, who were once part of large teams, frequently lack the understanding of a start-up business. They often fail to understand that a new company has limited resources, such as budget and that chipping in to assist in other areas, whether it is in their job description or not, is often necessary. These same types of employees also often lack leadership. In the large corporate world, teams of individuals are led by a hierarchical management structure, which they routinely report to. As they progress, such employees are led in the way of expert leadership and direction. In a new start-up company, such a structure rarely exists. Employees, much like the business owner, learn by a process of trial and error. Employees are expected to contribute strategies and help create ways to make the business work, without having someone ‘higher up’ do it for them. Rewarding dedicated workers When it comes to unpaid extra hours, most employees will sit back and ask themselves, what is in it for me? As an employer, you can offer them founding options, which means you can reward them by allocating a certain percentage of the company’s ordinary stock to your dedicated team members in exchange for their efforts. Not only does this provide a system of reward, it also encourages employees to work harder to ensure the business is successful, especially now that they have a vested interest in the success of the company. Put your ego to one side A quick piece of research will show that every large and small-scale business owes part, if not all, of its success to contributors. Some of the contributors come in the way of permanent employees, while others may simply be advisors. Either way, there will come a time when you should consult people who are smarter or more business savvy than you. Be honest, no one knows everything and the intelligent and successful have no problem putting their egos to one side and seeking advice in areas that they simply do not excel at. The Donald Trumps, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world have all consulted people they felt were smarter than them to move their company’s forward. You can also hire people on permanent staff that excel in specific areas to help grow your business. Any great leader understands the need to build a strong team. This is the time to find individuals who have excellent skill-sets to bring into your business and who know more than you in certain areas. Be sure to consult all team members in the hiring process and involve potential new recruits by introducing them to your current team. Listen to the feedback you get to help with your final hiring decision. If you always take steps to empower your team with the responsibility to get on with their roles in the company, you will be well on your way to success.
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