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  • Do you have an idea, which you firmly believe in?
    If you are an entrepreneur anywhere in the world, your needs will be covered
  • If you've an idea, we have an investor(s) who may be interested in investing in you
  • Venture Fund is an online introductory and funding platform that helps you upload your pitch for FREE and connects you to the right investors
  • You can grow your existing business or idea, by accessing capital up for investment from various investors around the world
  • These could be E - Commerce and web based services
  • Social networking and media
  • Location based services or mobile apps and games
  • Health, green energy, energy
  • Visual film projects
  • Or any other idea you may have in any part of the world
  • Venture Fund also gives access to its insights, which is a valuable resource to help entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses to the next level
  • The insights has been put together by successful entrepreneurs who have built businesses with values of over several hundred millions to over a billion dollars in market capitalization, it provides information on;
  • How to pitch your idea
  • How to qualify the investor
  • How to take your idea to market
  • And how to increase and close your sales pipeline and other
    operational stuff to help you succeed!
  • So if you’re an entrepreneur, registration of your business is quite easy.
    Check the Venture Fund web page for the country you wish to register too,
    upload your pitch and find a business angel or a venture capitalist looking to invest
  • So how does Venture Fund help investors?
    Venture Fund introduces investors in finding the next big idea
    completely free of cost in a simple way.
    Investors can search by stage of the business such as;
  • Pre or post revenue, seed, early or growth
  • Size of investment
  • By industry
  • And by geographical region
  • Investors can also have an option to network and co invest
    with other investors in any part of the world
  • So if you are an entrepreneur or an investor register for FREE
    in accordance with the terms and conditions specified